Woman Is Saved From a Stray Bullet ... by Her Leather Purse

One woman experienced the fright of her life recently, when she was shot at while out shopping. Thankfully, she was saved by her leather purse, as it caught the bullet and saved her life.


I can't even imagine what she felt as that bullet struck her handbag. Terror, maybe?

The woman, Renata Brito Moret, was out shopping with a friend in Rio de Janeiro last week when they heard a gunshot. She said that she felt something in the aftermath ... and when she investigated further, she noticed that her leather purse had been hit with a stray bullet.

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Thankfully, and miraculously (!!), only the leather was damaged by the bullet. It's unclear where the bullet came from, and given the lack of damage to the purse, it's likely that it came from an unrelated crime.

Authorities said that they don't know where the bullet came from, but that they suspect it was a stray from a distant shot, given the lack of reported shootings that day.

Image via Renata Brito Moret/Facebook

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