Firefighter Uses 'Happy Feet' to Calm Young Victim of Devastating Car Crash (VIDEO)

car accident First responders see some horrific things -- they must be prepared and able to think fast. And when an accident involves children, it can be particularly traumatic. A car crash in D'Iberville, Mississippi, had first responders tending to five children ejected from an SUV that flipped several times. Firefighter Casey Lessard needed to do whatever it took to calm one of the children hurt and so he played the child Happy Feet on his cell phone. The powerful moment was captured on film.


It was the quick thinking of Lessard that could have helped save this child's life. Being calm is so important, and being still could have helped this child from worsening any injuries. This is a moment where technology was instrumental in helping someone who really needed it.

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There was one adult in this car with five kids. One child was reportedly kept in the car seat and transported to the hospital just like that. A retired firefighter from Los Angeles, Rick Camarena, was on the highway at the time and saw the accident. He, along with two women -- Morgan Bogolin, 20, and her sister Mady Bogolin, 15 -- also stopped to help in any way they could.

The SUV was reportedly on an exit ramp when it flipped. It seems that while a devastating scene, the crash victims are expected to survive.

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It really is the quick thinking of others that can help in major ways. Firefighter Lessard is trained to fight fires, but also to help people in need and keep them calm so they can be cared for properly. When one is faced with a horrific scene where five children are ejected from a vehicle, that quick thinking really needs to be on point. In this instance, Lessard taking out his phone and finding something soothing for the child to watch is one of the ways he saved this child. But he didn't just do that -- he laid down next to the child, no doubt helping him or her feel safe, secure, loved. It's hard to see the child wrapped that like, but heartwarming to know so many came to help, and that this firefighter truly upheld his duty in perhaps an unconventional yet needed way.

Thank goodness there are heroes like this in the world.


Image via SunHerald / YouTube

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