Toddler's Death in Hot SUV May Have Been the Result of 'Miscommunication' (VIDEO)

Imagine working the night shift, sleeping a few hours to recover, and then waking to find your baby died while in the care of his grandparents. That's the nightmare Mandie Hendershot woke to when she found out her toddler, Jaxon Taylor, died in an overheated SUV.


Hendershot's parents had taken the 11-month-old with them to church. After they returned, around 3 p.m., they allegedly forgot to bring the sleeping boy indoors with them. It wasn't until Hendershot woke shortly after 5 p.m. and asked for her son that the family realized he was still in his car seat in the car.

Jaxon was rushed to the same hospital emergency room where Hendershot works as a nurse. He was pronounced dead. Now police are investigating the toddler's death.

Police haven't ruled out criminal charges, though it looks like the death is the result of miscommunication. In addition to Jaxon's grandparents, his aunt and his baby cousin had also been in the car. Sheriff Steve Wilson tells WRCB-TV, "We believe, at this point, that each adult may have thought the other adult had responsibility to get that child out. When they got inside, they just did not confirm or communicate that to each other."

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It's simply horrifying that a mistake like this is so easy to make. It doesn't sound like it was deliberate, but you can imagine how horrible the family feels. There is absolutely no way to undo what's already happened.

Not only did a child die, but Hendershot's relationship with her parents and her sister will never be the same. How would you feel if your child died under your parents' care? How would you feel if your sister got her child out of a car but left your child behind?

Hendershot and her fiancé, Patrick Taylor, now must mourn the loss of their son and deal with strained family relations. Our hearts go out to them. | Chattanooga News, Weather


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