Hero Commuters Save Baby From Kidnapping Attempt on Train

A young mom out visiting a museum with her toddler got the fright of her life this week when a stranger tried to kidnap her baby on the Metro. The unnamed woman was reportedly acting erratically before the attempted abduction, and her motive remains unknown.


Metro officials in Washington, DC, said the incident happened on Wednesday, at about 9:20 a.m. on the Orange Line train bound for New Carrollton. The suspect is in custody, and they're waiting on her fingerprints to see if they can identify her. Until then, she will be charged as Jane Doe.

Thankfully, other passengers on the train were able to subdue the suspect. One witness, Tara Young, said that the mom and her baby got on the train at the Court House station. She said the child was "cute and expressive," and chatting with her mama about visiting a museum.

Young said that she saw another passenger trying to lift the tot out of her stroller, and the mom was yelling, "Don't touch my daughter. Let go of my daughter." Both mother and daughter were screaming at that point.

I can't even imagine the terror going through that mom's mind at that moment. Thankfully, other passengers on the train -- mostly young men, according to Young -- were able to intervene and keep the little girl safe and with her mother.

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The scariest part was that the train was under the Potomac, and no one was able to get cell range to call for help. They couldn't even communicate with the train operator -- they tried to use the intercom, but all they got was fuzzy feedback. According to Young, "The train operator didn't give us any communication ... There was no response for 30 seconds ... We kept saying we need help back here. All we got was fuzzy interception."

Thank God the other passengers intervened to save this baby girl. The woman who attempted the kidnapping is refusing to cooperate with authorities, but will still be charged as Jane Doe in DC until they can find her identity. Meanwhile, Metro officials are looking into the lack of communication, and trying to figure out why the intercom didn't work. It was only after another passenger ran up to the front of the train that the operator was alerted to the situation.

All in all, it's a situation that could have ended much differently, and we're so glad that it didn't.


Image via © Gregor Schuster/Corbis

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