School Bus Driver Hailed a Hero After Protecting Kids From Erratic Stranger

school busWhen we send our kids off on the school bus, we assume they'll be OK. But if anything were to happen, we hope that they will have a driver like this one. In Crosby, Texas, this week, bus driver David Cooke went well beyond his job description, and kept a crazy stranger off the school bus.


On Tuesday, veteran school bus driver David Cooke had a decision to make, when a woman stormed the doors of his vehicle. A random woman apparently made her way on board, and threatened to bite Cooke.

It was all caught on the surveillance camera, and this everyday hero did exactly what you would hope your kids' school bus driver would do. When the crazed woman entered the bus, Cooke said, "You've gotta go. There are kids on this bus, you'll get arrested."

You'd think that would be enough to discourage most people from coming on the bus, but not this woman. Cooke allegedly had to block the doorway from keeping this lady from coming on board!

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His efforts to keep the kids safe were well rewarded though. After driving them all home, one mom of a 5-year-old passenger said, "He brings back my child in one piece, a happy piece. He did exactly what every parent would want their school bus driver to do to keep their kids safe. So I'm very thankful for Mr. Cooke."


Image via © Richard Schultz/Corbis

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