Woman Asks Mourners 'Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton' in Her Obituary

Some people have really strong opinions about politics -- even from beyond the grave. The family of a New Jersey woman who died recently honored her last wishes by urging people not to vote for Hillary Clinton in her obituary.


Elaine Fydrych, 63, passed away on August 13 after battling lung cancer. Her husband Joseph included a line in her obituary,  "Elaine requests, 'In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.'"

While she was a registered Democrat, Elaine became increasingly uneasy about Clinton after the 2012 attacks in Benghazi. Joseph said, "The more she found out about Hillary, the more she didn't like her and thought it would be a complete catastrophe if the U.S. elected her president."

Hey -- when you have opinions, you have opinions! Her family said that this type of tongue-in-cheek humor was typical for Elaine, who was involved in theater and was also a stand-up comedienne. Her husband said, "Elaine was a very beautiful woman inside and out. She was very talented, and she did a lot of comedy, and always had a line, a wisecrack."

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He continued, "If you knew Elaine, you'd say yep that's Elaine. It was a fitting end for the woman. It was very appropriate that she go out this way."

The request has been well received by mourners, who have pledged in an online guest book to not vote for Hillary. Joseph said the attention her obituary has gotten has eased the pain of losing his wife. "It's been overwhelming. In the last few days my sadness and sorrow has turned into a smile and a chuckle," he said.

We're sure that's just the way Elaine would have wanted it.


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