Man Prevents Teen From Committing Suicide -- But Dies Doing It

This is absolutely heartbreaking. A man trying to save a suicidal teen lost his own life on Sunday, after falling 14 floors from a window ledge. The unnamed 24-year-old was reportedly trying to keep a tormented 19-year-old from flinging himself out the window of a dorm room at the University of Hawaii.


They both went over the edge on the 14th floor and were critically injured upon impact. The elder man was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, while the younger remained in critical condition as of Monday.

According to school spokesman Dan Meisenzahl, neither man was a University of Hawaii student, by had been invited by someone in residence. They are investigating any possible violations of the student code.

"It's a terrible tragedy -- the last thing we want to happen ... whether they are students or not," he said. "Of course, our condolences go out to their friends and family."

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The dorm was housing only about 20 students, but during the school year, more than 600 live there. Only those needing transitional housing between semesters remained in the building for the summer break. Counseling is being made available for all students who feel they need it.

What an absolute tragedy. This poor kid was likely suffering from depression already (hence the suicide attempt), and now will have to live the rest of his life knowing that someone died trying to save him. If he recovers, I hope that he takes it as a gift, and lives a good, long life in honor of the man who was killed. If he doesn't, then may God rest both their souls.


Image via © Jennifer Sinco Kelleher/AP/Corbis

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