Beach Lifeguard Caught Sleeping on the Job (VIDEO)

It's summertime, and for a lot of vacationers, that means it's beach season. Time to put on the swim suits, slap on copious amounts of sunscreen, and hit the beach for a little rest and relaxation. Unless, of course, you're on the clock. In Indiana, one lifeguard lost her job after being caught sleeping on the sand instead of keeping a keen eye on beachgoers.


A man hitting the shore at Marquette Park Beach in Gary, Indiana, was extremely dismayed to come across a woman in a lifeguard uniform taking a nap while on the clock. He caught the whole thing on tape, asking her if she was indeed supposed to be on duty, and identifying himself as a former lifeguard.

Not only was she sleeping in the shade of the lifeguard station, but her young daughter was playing in the sand nearby, and a baby was snoozing away in an infant carrier behind her. Talk about not taking an important job seriously!

There is so much wrong with this situation. The woman isn't on her lifeguard stand -- not that it would matter much, considering she's sleeping -- so she obviously doesn't have a good vantage point. She brought her children to work with her, for a job that requires hyper-vigilance. She's even wearing pants and shoes over her red bathing suit, and as the videographer points out, that's going to waste precious seconds in an emergency in the water.

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And then there's the fact that she doesn't seem burdened at all, and brushes off his concerns! This is a huge deal. Anytime a large body of water is involved, with lots of people who may or may not be letting their guards down (hey, it's the beach!), there's the potential for disaster.

While most of us do try to keep a vigilant eye on our kids at the shore, tragedy has the potential to strike at any moment. Having to go find the lifeguard and wake her up to rescue someone could be the difference between life and death.

Hopefully being fired will cause this woman to wake up and realize that safety should come before nap time.


Image via mrssutton12/YouTube

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