Tourists Using WWII Memorial as Wading Pool Are Beyond Disrespectful (PHOTO)

Have you seen this viral photograph yet? It is a picture of  Washington, D.C. visitors splashing in the national World War II monument. Look, I know it's hot and uncomfortable in the nation's capital in July -- but don't freaking disrespect the people who gave their lives to stop the Axis powers from world domination.


Maybe it's one thing to break into a public pool after midnight and sneak in a quick swim with some friends on vacation (don't quote me on that), but it's quite another to frolic in a national monument dedicated to our veterans.

Hundreds of thousands of brave Americans gave their lives and fought to reserve our liberties from the reign of terror we faced in World War II from Germany and Japan, and they're probably rolling over in their graves with ridiculous tourists frolicking about in a monument dedicated to their selfless service.

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A marine family recently stopped by the monument hoping to reflect upon the brave soldiers who fought for America in WWII, and encountered this scene instead. The wife wrote of what they found there:

Unfortunately, the scene that we encountered at this sacred memorial fountain was anything but quiet and reflective. Along the entire circumference of the fountain, we witnessed over one hundred people, from diapered babies to grown adults, wading and splashing in the water. People were taking selfies and posing for cameras, as if they were enjoying a relaxing day at the pool or beach.

She added:

But what was more appalling than the scene itself was that the entire fountain is surrounded by signs -- one at least every 25 feet -- that read, "Honor Your Veterans ... No Wading." For those tourists who don’t speak English, the sign also includes a picture of a stick figure standing in the water, with a red line drawn through it -- a symbol that clearly translates.

The individuals enjoying a cool dip in the water that day were plainly choosing to ignore the request to show respect at this hallowed site for the sake of their own comfort, fun, and photo ops. At one point, I was so astounded by the scene that I stopped to take a photo as a mother and father stood in the water, laughing and posing while their preteen child captured the moment on camera. I have included that photo here.

It's disrespectful, and in extremely bad taste. It's not like these people were dying of heat stroke, and the only way they could have been saved was by being exposed to the water. They were laughing and joking around. So much for a sacred exhibit.

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