Veteran Is Looking for Photos of Vietnam Vets for War Memorial: Do You Know These Soldiers?

An Indiana man who served his country in the Vietnam War has decided to a put a face with the name of every soldier from the Hoosier State who was killed in the war. There are about 1,500 Indianans named on The Wall of Faces -- an online memorial to those who lost their lives in Vietnam -- but over 60 of those listed don't have a picture to go with their name.


It's taken years, but retired U.S. Air Force veteran Dave Hine of Greenfield, Indiana, has been able to track down almost all of the KIA soldiers he served with. Now that he's gotten so close to completing the memorial, he's reached out on social media to ask for help in finishing it. 

He said that he knew he was lucky to be sent to Europe after he joined the forces during the war. As he looked at the pictures he's curated of the soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam, he said, "How fortunate I am ... Many of them never had a chance to get married or have a family."

Hine believes it's incredibly important to have a face with each name. "When you can actually see the person, a picture of the person that died, I think it brings it home a little more," he explained. "They were fathers, brothers, uncles. We just have to make sure we remember and honor them."

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His ultimate goal is to turn the memorial into a life-sized one in Washington, D.C. "How great would it be for someone to be there with their children and say 'That's your grandfather's picture'?"

For a complete list of the veterans who still don't have photos, please visit Putting A Face With A Name for Our Hoosier Vietnam War Fallen Facebook page. If you recognize a name and can help, please contact Dave Hine at


Image via © Jay Reeves/AP/Corbis

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