Woman Jumps From Rooftop Bar & Everyone Just Keeps Drinking

Rooftop bars are a lot of things -- they are, for example, wonderful, summery, and extremely douchey. But we never really considered them to be unsafe, at least until a woman in New York City had no problem flinging herself off a swanky rooftop bar ... and no one stopped her or even seemed to care at all.


It's terrifying for a lot of reasons, and not in the least because the guardrails seemed to be more for fashion than function. Apparently, the ledge on the bar is only a few feet wide. That's not enough to stop drunk people in any scenario, let alone on a rooftop that's 20 stories high.

Okay, so that's the first terrifying thing. The second is that there was some fancy corporate party at the bar that night, and though 30-year-old Faigy Mayer was apparently pretty frantic and running through the crowd, no one really had any idea what was going on after she jumped.

And then ... they kept drinking?? That's terrible. It's possible they just didn't know what happened, but God. FIND OUT. 

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Even after the police came and went, people were still apparently ordering bottle service. It's kind of hard t imagine what you would do in that scenario, but I think we all can hope that we wouldn't be the insensitive douche bags ordering another bottle of Dom Pérignon. 

Anyway, no one seems to know if Mayer was connected to the party, or if she intentionally jumped or accidentally fell of the narrow ledge. We do know that she landed on West 27th Street in the Flatiron District of Manhattan and died on impact. 

The bar, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, is supposedly one of New York’s largest outdoor rooftop gardens. Sadly, jumping off skyscrapers is one of the most popular ways to commit suicide in New York -- about 20 percent of trying to end their lives decide jumping is the way to go. You'd think with statistics like that, rooftops would have more security around the perimeter, but obviously not. Or at least, not yet.


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