Photo of Black Cop Helping Racist at KKK Rally Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (PHOTO)

black white shaking hands

When a white supremacist gets parched at a Ku Klux Klan rally, a black cop is probably the last person you'd think would lend him a hand. Yet that's exactly what happened at a sweltering KKK protest in Columbia, South Carolina. 


The cop, Leroy Smith -- the state's director of public safety -- somehow found it in himself to help an unidentified protester wearing a swastika-emblazoned T-shirt who was suffering signs of heat exhaustion. So, Smith helped the man find shelter and water so he could recover -- and this touching moment was photographed and posted online.

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Not surprisingly, this photo has gone viral, and I can totally see why: It's a shining example of how people can still show compassion for each other in spite of their differences.

Now, I'm guessing good old Leroy would just say he's "doing his job." But to me, this is really stepping above and beyond!

While this moment blows my mind, the person I really hope it impacts is the guy he helped. Wouldn't it be nice if this moment made him reassess his attitudes toward African-Americans, and stop attending KKK rallies? Well, one can hope ...


Image via val lawless/shutterstock

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