Woman Puts 4-Year-Old Sister Up for Adoption on Facebook & It's No Joke

When I heard that police were called to a home in Dubuque, Iowa, over a family member trying to sell a child for adoption on Facebook, I rolled my eyes. Come on, these things are just jokes, right? But in this case, it really seems like a woman was trying to adopt out a child on Facebook.


The woman allegedly wrote on Facebook, "Does anyone know a family who would like to adopt a 4-year-old girl?"

Names have been withheld, but the woman in question apparently turned to the private, 4,000-member DBQ Mamas group in Dubuque over the weekend and said, "I need some help."

She continued, "My parents adopted her but got new jobs and they have no time for her. I have 3 kids of my own and cannot handle another. Serious inquiries only."

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Dubuque Police Lt. Scott Baxter reported that his department got "several calls" about the post and sent an officer to investigate the situation. He said, "We determined no criminal act had been committed and there was not sufficient probable cause to warrant an arrest or charge."

Baxter continued, "The welfare of the 4-year-old was checked and determined satisfactory. To my knowledge, the 4-year-old remained with the adopted parents referenced by the person who made the post."

He added, "Obviously the post was not well thought out, as so many aren't on social media."

Additionally, another note was eventualy posted by the original poster (it was later removed): "Let me rephrase ... I'm not selling a kid, it was to help find adoption ideas. So calling the police to receive suggestions was ridiculous. She's safe and fine. So thank you for your help." 

But geez, the damage was done.

I don't understand why this woman would post anything in the first place. I understand that she has three children of her own, but if child protective services deemed her little adoptive sister to be in good hands, what's the problem? Plenty of parents have both worked while making sure that their kids were well taken care of.

It just seems like a case of someone being overly involved in someone else's business. At least I hope that's the only thing going on here. 


Image via © BJ Formento/Corbis

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