We Were Only Kidding When We Broke Up, Pluto -- 'Cause Now We Want You Back (PHOTOS)

Ever since we broke up with Pluto, we've been kind of obsessed with it. The New Horizons spacecraft traveled through time and space for 10 years and finally sent back the first clear photos of Pluto's surface. To celebrate, the Internet decided to meme the dwarf planet Pluto, especially to lament its lack of status as a regular planet.


The New Horizons flyby on July 14 showed us a Pluto with a heart shape on its surface, which is all the more reason for us to get Pluto back. It has a heart, for crying out loud! And now it's probably broken.

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Here are some of the best Pluto breakup memes:

And just in case size were an issue, here's some perspective:

We miss you, Pluto! Please take us back!


Image via Nasa/Twitter

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