Mom Rushes to Help Daughter Who's Having Seizures & Cops Taser Her

An Alabama mom has filed a lawsuit against police in both Rainbow City and Gadsden for allegedly Tasering her and her daughter while her daughter had a seizure at a concert. The unnamed woman claims that the police involved used "excessive force, torture, and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment."


The lawsuit, filed July 9 with the U.S. District Court, accuses at least eight officers of Tasering the teen girl after she went into a grand mal seizure, and then her mother when she tried to help. They are seeking damages for "pain, emotional distress, medical expenses, punitive damages, and attorneys' fees.

The incident in question happened last January, at a concert for hip-hop artist Kevin Gates. The teen had suffered a seizure earlier that day at her high school and was treated but not hospitalized.

She attended the concert with her little sister, and when a performer left the stage to join the crowd at one point, a "stampede" ensued, which knocked the girl to the ground and triggered another seizure. As the crowd parted, her sister told employees that she was having a seizure. According to the suit, an employee carried her to the lobby and "unceremoniously dumped" her onto the floor and held her in a choke hold.

When the girl's mother learned what had happened, she raced to the venue, dressed in a T-shirt and pajamas. She was reportedly "held down on the ground at five different points of her body" by police after another officer twice instructed another to "get her." While restrained, she was allegedly fired at by a Taser, which caused her to pee her pants.

Meanwhile, the girl was also Tasered three times, while "facedown with her arms secured behind her." After losing consciousness, she was taken to Gadsden Regional Medical Center, and her mom was arrested for disorderly conduct.

We haven't heard the defense yet, but I can guarantee you that if what this mom says is true, I would have been arrested for disorderly conduct, too. We trust the police to help those in need, not pin them to the floor and Taser them! And if my child were being harmed when she desperately needed help and medical attention, I'd have to be Tasered to keep me from her. And then I would do exactly what this mom is doing and sue their pants off. 

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It's unclear why the cops allegedly Tasered this girl and her mom, but something's not right about it. She was a 16-year-old girl having a seizure -- wouldn't that be obvious? Why wouldn't they help her, instead of treating her like this? And why would they keep the mom from rushing to her side in a medical emergency? By the time they were out in the lobby, it should have been obvious, right?

Attorney Gregory Harp, who is representing the plaintiffs, believes the lawsuit speaks for itself. "A Taser was used three times on a child's chest, during a medical emergency, while she was pinned to the ground by officers," he said. "Other officers present at the scene failed to intervene. Her mother was knocked to the ground, handcuffed, and then she herself Tased and arrested."  

Yeah, that sounds pretty awful. It will be interesting to see how the police department responds to this one.


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