Naked Man Blocks Highway & Exposes Drivers to Horrible Commute (VIDEO)

Traffic can come about for any number of reasons -- usually too many people on the road, an accident, roadwork, or some combination thereof. But for commuters in Connecticut on Tuesday morning, something entirely bizarre caused a major jam on I-95. A naked man sitting on the roof of his car backed up traffic on the freeway, as police blocked lanes to get to him and others slowed down to ogle.


Be honest, would you be able to tear your eyes away if this happened on your morning commute? I won't judge.

The stunt happened in West Haven on Tuesday morning, on Interstate 95. It's unknown how or why the man ended up naked as a jaybird on the roof of his car, but police had to block off both southbound lanes between exits 41 and 42 in order to get to him and take him into custody.

Meanwhile, drivers creeping by on the right-hand shoulder took the opportunity to film and photograph the bizarre scene.

Please note: While no private parts can bee seen in this footage, it is still a naked guy on top of his car. Proceed with caution before viewing.

According to state police spokesman Trooper Kelly Grant, the unidentified man was brought to a local hospital where he received medical attention. He is not facing charges.

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As much as I want to laugh about this (it didn't mess up my morning drive to work, after all), I can't help but be concerned about this guy. It seems to me that it was either a prank, or it was due to some emotional or psychiatric issues. Since he wasn't charged, I'm guessing that it's the latter, in which case I'm hoping that he gets the help he needs.


Image via NBC Connecticut

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