4-Year-Old Found Dead In Massachusetts Harbor But No One Knows How She Died Or Where She Came From

Police are stumped after discovering the remains of a 4-year-old child in a garbage bag in a bay in Massachusetts. A computer-generated image of what the little girl looked like -- brown hair, chubby cheeks, and sparkling brown eyes -- has been shared on social media a record number of times, yet no one has come forward to claim her.


The image of Baby Doe has been seen by more than 47 million people on Facebook over the last two weeks, since her tiny body was found on a Boston Harbor beach on June 25. A woman walking her dog on on Deer Island called 911 after finding a trash bag containing her remains, along with a zebra-print blanket. She was also wearing white leggings with black polka dots.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children used the toddler's remains to generate an image of what she possibly looked like when she died, and the Massachusetts State Police posted it on their Facebook page. It quickly went viral as the story captured the nation.

The mystery surrounding this little girl continues, as investigators have claimed that they can't find a cause of death. There were no obvious signs of trauma to her body, and an autopsy wasn't able to determine how she died either. Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said that the authorities are still waiting on toxicology reports to determine if she was poisoned or had ingested drugs.

Her body was reasonably intact when she was discovered but had undergone enough decomposition that police were unable to determine a time of death. They also don't know if she lived in Massachusetts, or if the bag containing her remains was left on the beach by someone or if it washed up onshore.

Because the police don't know cause of death, they don't know whether it was accidental or intentional. But obviously someone knows what happened to her -- she didn't crawl into the garbage bag on her own. Conley urged the girl's parents or caretakers to speak up, saying, "Please step forward, clear your conscience, and help us identify this young child."

People from all over the country have been deeply moved by this story. The Facebook posting has received 10 times more views than their previous highest post, with most people expressing outrage over the tragic circumstances of her death.

A woman in Arizona wrote, "How can someone just throw a child away?" Another woman in California wrote, "This is just horrible, no one is missing this little angel!"

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Many people have shared her image multiple times, including 67-year-old Barbara Smith of Montana, who has posted it three times already to her page and plans to keep going until the mystery is solved.

"I'm about to become a great-grandmother, so it just touches you," she shared. "It's sad that there was a little girl out there of her age that was found by herself and nobody has claimed her."

David Procopio, a spokesman for the state police, said they are grateful for the public outpouring of care for "this little innocent." He also asked that anyone who might know anything to please step forward on her behalf. "We need people to continue to look at her and think about her and let us know if anything in their memory clicks," he said.

This is truly heartbreaking, and we hope that the mystery of this sweet little girl's death is solved.

What do you think happened to this little girl?


Image via Suffolk County Massachusetts District Attorney

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