Family Watches in Horror as Baby Floats to Open Sea During Beach Vacation

I can't even imagine the terror this family must have felt watching their baby float out into the open sea in nothing but an inflatable pool toy. Ten-month-old Melda Ilgin floated half a mile into the ocean before the Turkish Coastguard was able to rescue her and reunite her with her panicked family.


The Ilgin family was vacationing at the beach on Turkey's southwest coast and left her in the water in a child's flotation device without realizing how strong the current was. It's unclear if they left her in on purpose to enjoy herself or forgot to bring her in, but either way, they were horrified when she floated too far away to be reached.

Thankfully it turned out OK for this little one, as the coastguard was called, and rescue workers reached her before she could be harmed. Kids and water can be so dangerous -- all it takes is a split second for tragedy to strike.

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You hear stories like this all the time about kids drowning with several adults standing just feet away from them. When that happens, it's usually because everyone thinks someone else is watching when they're really not.

I'd be willing to bet that this kiddo got left in the water under similar circumstances. Everyone thought someone else was tending to her. Meanwhile, she was splashing away trying to make her way to Greece!

It's a good reminder to always err on the side of caution when it comes to young kids and water.

Would you be freaking out if this were your kid?


Image via © Norbert Wu/Minden Pictures/Corbis

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