85-Year-Old Man's Funny 2-Word Obituary Pretty Much Sums Things Up

We've seen some pretty awesome obituaries over the years, but this has to be the most succinct one that's ever come across our desktop. Fargo, North Dakota, resident Douglas Legler's obituary was just two words long: "Doug Died."


And he apparently wanted it that way. His daughter Janet Stoll explained that before he passed, "he said over and over, when I die I want my obituary to just say 'Doug Died.'" She continued, "[Other people's obituaries] would say 'he was the president of this, a director of this' and Dad would say, 'What, couldn't they hold down a job?'"

The 85-year-old lived a full life, despite his brief obituary. He drove for Nash Finch, and later in life worked in vending machine repair and painting farm equipment.

He was also a talented singer, and even placed second in a talent show once. And he obviously had an awesome sense of humor, given the obit of his dreams. Thankfully we have his family to tell us more about him, because the announcement of his death left us wanting more.

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"He was very lighthearted and had a great sense of humor," Stoll shared. "He was very quick-witted, and funny. He was one of a kind, he really was. Everyone loved him that met him." She also described him with a "gruff exterior" and a "heart of gold."

She continued, "He was kindhearted and generous. He didn't realize how much people loved and cared about him." As for abiding by his wishes and publishing the obituary he wanted, Stoll said, "I'm sure he's laughing up there now."

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