Creepy Profile of Stalker 'Watching' New Jersey Home Revealed

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Remember that family who bought their dream home in New Jersey, only to realize it came with its very own stalker -- a man called "The Watcher" who started sending them frightening letters? Well, the FBI has pieced together a possible motive: money.


Just three days after closing on the $1.3 million home, Derek and Maria Broaddus started receiving letters from The Watcher, who claimed he and his family have been stalking the property since the 1920s. These letters were so frightening, the Broadduses never moved in.

FBI officials theorize that the letters -- which contain persistent use of words such as "rich" and "fancy" -- suggest the perpetrator has money issues and might perhaps have wished to live in the home but had been unable to afford it.

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To me, that certainly sounds like a plausible theory. Heck, I'll admit that I sometimes harbor "house envy" myself, where I grow almost speechless with envy over my wealthy friends' posh second "summer" homes. For me, it's hard enough to afford the first! So I get why money makes people jealous, and I know I'm not alone here.

That said, of course, I'm not saying wealthy families with beautiful homes should be stalked! We house enviers should just do what normal people do and stew in silence. Apparently The Watcher just can't keep his uglier feelings to himself, and that's why I hope he is caught sooner rather than later -- and this poor family can finally move in or at least move on from this awful predicament.

Check out more about this story in the video below:

Would you move into a home being "watched"?


Image via CBS New York

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