14 Joyful Celebrity Tweets Celebrating Gay Marriage

gay wedding ringsThe Supreme Court released a historic 5-4 decision this morning that makes gay marriage legal in all 50 states. As the mother of a gay stepson, I couldn't be more thrilled! Now I can really start nagging him to find a nice boy and settle down.




This major decision quickly took over Twitter under the hashtag #lovewins and many celebs were quick to share their opinions as well. Twitter is a rainbow-flag-waving-lovefest today!

Read on for all the reactions!

Neil Patrick Harris, already married to cutie David Burka, was quick to weigh in.

Ellen's message was short and sweet.

Gotta love Andy Cohen using this as a moment to find a man!

I suspect George Takei won't be the only one rejoicing at Pride Festivals this weekend!

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Even the President weighed in:

My family is actually invited to a wedding this weekend for a lesbian couple we love. I'm betting it will be quite the party!

What do you think of this historic decision?

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