Study Proves Men Aren't As Smart as They Think

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A study has proven something that often annoys women about men: They think they're soooo smart ... but they're not. Well, research has finally shown that men overestimate their intelligence, whereas women have an accurate gauge of their brain power.


This study, conducted by Shane Bench of Washington State University, looked specifically at men's and women's aptitude in math -- a subject where men supposedly excel. To find out if that's true, researchers had over 300 volunteers take a math test, and also estimate how well they did.

Men, on average, overestimated the number of math problems they got right. Meanwhile, women guessed with far more precision how well they did.

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In other words, it's not that women have low self-esteem with their smarts, since their estimations are right on the money. It's just that men think too highly of their intellect.

Isn't it nice to see men's inflated egos get a reality check? And yet, researchers don't go so far as to say that these over-estimations are a bad thing. On the contrary, they say that's the reason more men pursue the all-important fields of math and science. In fact, they almost go so far as to say that women should hop on the same bandwagon and try overestimating their intelligence, too. 

"Despite assumptions that realism and objectivity are always best in evaluating the self and making decisions, positive illusions about math abilities may be beneficial to women pursuing math courses and careers," says Bench. "Such positive illusions could function to protect women's self-esteem despite lower-than-desired performance, leading women to continue to pursue courses in science, technology, engineering, and maths fields and ultimately improve their skills."

In other words: Being "dumb" and overestimating your abilities may be one of the smartest things you can do, ladies. Strange, but true.

Do you think women would be better off overestimating their intelligence?


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