Woman Who Identified Her Own Brother as the Charleston Shooter Calls Off Her Wedding

Amber Roof, 27, should be spending this Sunday creating memories of one of the best days of her life, marrying the man of her dreams, US Army Reserve Recruiter Michael Tyo. Instead, she's cancelled the wedding, after identifying her own brother as the shooter in the massacre at Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston last Wednesday night.


As she watched the news unfold about the tragedy that took nine lives this week, she was horrified to see her brother Dylann Roof in the surveillance photos. She contacted the authorities to let them know that she suspected that he was the shooter.

After her call, an overnight manhunt ensued, ending when florist Debbie Dills alerted the police to Roof's presence in Shelby, North Carolina. It's unknown why he fled there, but the 21-year-old was caught just three miles from Tyo's home.

Since the arrest, Dylann's friends and family have said that he's become increasingly introverted over the last several months. He'd apparently been planning his attack for weeks, which he admitted was an attempt to start a race war.

The young man confessed to picking off his black victims one by one as they entered the church for Wednesday night Bible study this week. Reports say that he reloaded five times during the massacre.

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Amber Roof is acutely aware of the national scrutiny on her family, and how it will affect not just her, but her fiance and his three children from a previous relationship. They were included in the wedding party, as well as Amber and Dylann's sister Morgan, and their cousin, Kasey Buntin.

Dylann was not part of the wedding party, although it's unclear if it was because he wasn't invited, or he refused to participate.

My heart breaks for this woman, and their whole family. This weekend should be one of joyous celebration, and instead, they're left picking up the pieces of their lives, and trying to come to terms with what a monster Dylann is.

Do you think they made the right decision in cancelling the wedding?


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