Dad Calls His Kid to Shore Moments Before Shark Attack on North Carolina Beach

Ack! You know those two kids who lost limbs to sharks in North Carolina last week? Even though it looks like they will survive, their lives will obviously be changed forever. And it looks like another vacationer in the region has just narrowly escaped the same fate, or even worse!


On Monday, Ohio teacher Greg Phillips was vacationing and beach-combing with his family on Ocean Isle Beach, when they encountered a man who was fishing, while his son boogie-boarded nearby. 

Check out this insane footage:

Phillips said, "There was a gentleman fishing and his son was out kinda surfing on a boogie board and all of a sudden he calmly says to his son, 'You need to get in quickly.'" He continued that the man was "trying to use that parent voice of not wanting to alarm your child."

Phillips continued, "The kid gets in and when he got close enough he said, 'What do you need, Dad?' and the dad said, 'Run!' and the kid came up on the beach ... Then the dad said, 'There's a shark out there and I can see the two fins.'"

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That's when the teacher pulled out his cellphone and started videoing the shark in the water right in front of them. He said, "When I shot the video it was maybe 15 to 20 feet in front of me in about two to three feet of water, so it was right where the waves are breaking."

He continued, "It swam around for about five minutes off and on where you could see it. It would go out and then it would come in ... I was really surprised that something that large was coming in that close to shore."

"Everybody kind of oohed and aahed," he added. "And then we walked a little bit further after the shark disappeared and we couldn't find it again."

Thankfully everyone was OK! I've lived near the beach my entire life, but I've never seen a shark in the water. I'm not sure I'd be willing to venture back in if I did!

Are you surprised that so many sharks are showing up in North Carolina?


Image via gaftels/Flickr

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