Pregnant Woman Who Disappeared for a Week Is Tragically ‘No Longer Expecting’

The 49-year-old North Carolina woman who went missing last week just hours before her schedule C-section has reportedly lost the baby. Her brother posted to Facebook that she is receiving "much needed" treatment in the hospital, and that sadly, their family would not be welcoming a new little one.


Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther suffered from a severe form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which can lead to breaks in your blood vessels, intestines, or uterus. Because of the medical complication, she was scheduled for a cesarean just over a week ago.

Instead, she disappeared for six days. Police were finally able find her after her case gained national attention, and she used an ATM card at a CVS. It is not known why she vanished, but according to reports, she did leave of her own accord.

Her brother, Drew Bradshaw, confirmed that she lost the baby on Tuesday evening. He wrote on Facebook, "While it is unfortunate, we no longer expect a new addition to our family and ask for your continued prayers."

He continued, "We respect the HIPPA laws and we feel that releasing any more information should be in Carrie's discretion after she has the opportunity to heal."

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Ugh, what an incredibly sad story! Her adult daughter, Lauren Lusk came to North Carolina from her home in Kansas to help her mom out with the delivery. She said that she ducked out to get gas before driving her mom to the hospital to deliver."We were gone about seven or eight minutes," Lusk recalled. "When we got back she was gone. Nothing was missing, she was just gone."

Any number of things could have happened, and we'll have to wait to see if Bradshaw-Crowther chooses to reveal the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the loss of her baby. At full term and ready to deliver, it's possible that she knew something was wrong and she snapped and ran away, rather than deliver a stillborn. Or it's possible the baby died due to her medical complications. Maybe it was a fluke.

No matter what though, our hearts go out to the woman and her family. Her brother wrote in his Facebook statement, "The compassion shown by so many people, many who do not know Carrie, is the same compassion we know Carrie shows to others daily ... She is, and has always been a very loving person whose family is her world, and without hesitation, she puts herself second to anyone in need."

What do you think happened?


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