Amazing Moment a Cop Saves the Life of 7-Year-Old Who Stopped Breathing (VIDEO)

baby gasping hand

Get ready to feel a big huge wave of cop gratitude: An Albuquerque police officer has saved the life of a baby after she stopped breathing in her sleep.


The back-story: Officer Martin Smith was called to a home to find 7-month-old Carly Rios, who had turned blue in her grandmother's arms.

While Carly's mother Alyssia panicked, office Smith started blowing in the baby's face and tapping her chest ... and moments later, she came around. Check it out in the video below:

Doesn't this cop's calm, capable approach just bring tears to your eyes? And restore your faith that many police officers are out there doing their job, helping people?

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Because the fact is we hear plenty of stories of cops gone bad ... but there are also plenty of cops doing good. Let's focus for a moment on these positive moments, and feel happy that this baby's doing well!

Does this video change your opinion of the police?


Image via KonstantinChristian/shutterstock

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