Mom Grieves Her 7-Year-Old With Wrenching Voicemail Left Moments Before His Death

A mom is grieving tonight, haunted by the last time she ever heard her young son's voice -- on a voicemail he left her just moments before his life was taken in a tragic accident.


Natasha Villavicencio said that her 7-year-old son called her cellphone and left a message right before her world turned upside down. Ethan called from his dad's phone at a Kennedy's Chicken and Sandwiches on Westchester Ave. in the Bronx last Thursday, and said, "Mama, we're waiting for you to eat ice cream."

The 26-year-old mom said, "My baby died waiting for me ... He was my only boy. I miss my baby."

Ack! I can't even imagine the grief this family is experiencing right now, especially considering that it was a freak accident that never should have happened. Villavicencio reportedly left her husband and two kids (Ethan's little sister Maya is 5) at the restaurant to race across the street and make an appointment. That's when Ethan made the phone call.

"He knows my number and he said 'Mama, I'm waiting mama,'" Villavicencio said. "'We're waiting for you to eat ice cream.'" When she called back, no one picked up. She remembered, "I waited and then (my husband) called me said said 'We lost him.'"

By the time she made it to the scene, she said that Ethan was "gasping for air" and "fighting for his life."

While Villavicencio was making her appointment, 73-year-old Kwasi Oduro allegedly barreled into the restaurant where her family was waiting, in an attempt to back into a parking spot. Her husband Manny Figueroa and their 5-year-old daughter Maya were mildly injured, but Ethan's lungs were crushed as the Mercedes SUV ran over him twice.

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Oduro tried to make a run for it, but was arrested a few blocks away. Parishioners of his church, the North Bronx Ghana Seventh Day Adventists, raised $10,000 for the bail money needed to get him out of jail.

According to court papers, Figueroa screamed, "Move forward! Move forward! You're on my kids!" as the 5:30 p.m. crash happened. Ethan died of a heart attack shortly after, his chest having been crushed by the truck.

Villavicencio lamented her son's death, saying, "All he wanted was ice cream ... He got it, but this stupid guy ... this stupid guy took my baby away from me. He needs to pay for what he did."

Even though she says she "has her family," they're having a hard time dealing with it, especially Maya. "She doesn’t believe," the grief-stricken mom shared. "She thinks he's coming back. She wants her brother, that's the only one she'll play with."

What a terrible tragedy for a mama to live through. Our hearts go out to Villavicencio and her family.

Would you ever delete that voicemail?


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