Veteran Noah Galloway vs Caitlyn Jenner for 'Courage Award'? There's No Contest, People!

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Ahead of the 2015 ESPYs which will take place on July 15, ESPN announced that the Arthur Ashe Courage Award will be given to Caitlyn Jenner. Many expressed outrage over this decision and a rumor began that United States Army Veteran Noah Galloway, who lost his leg and most of his arm in battle in Iraq, was runner-up. Noah went on to become a motivational speaker, runner, and a personal trainer, and he finished third on the last season of Dancing With the Stars. Courageous is just one of the words we can use to describe him, but ESPN wants to make it clear that Noah was not runner-up for this Courage Award. It was no contest.


There was no "winner" or second place, third place here. Caitlyn Jenner was chosen for this Award. If you think about it -- there are probably thousands of people who deserve an Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Thankfully, there are courageous people living among us -- even civilians, and our neighbors -- showing courage is doing things that frightens others. We can add all of our military to that list. And while I do agree that Noah deserves the honor -- along with many others -- I don't think we need him holding this award to tell the world how courageous he is. Noah is courageous beyond words. Beyond awards.

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This man, Noah Galloway, is a hero. He is an inspiration in so many ways. He continues to be an example of courage and grace and fortitude. ESPN, a sports network, doesn't need to tell me that.

We, as Americans, can give Galloway an award in our own way. We can thank him for this service. We can learn from his example. We can honor all service men and women in his honor. We can support our troops and give them beautiful welcome home rallies when they return. We can be there for their families when they are lost or wounded in battle fighting for our freedom. We can work with veterans to raise awareness for the safety and well being of our troops. We must never forget those who paid the ultimate price for us, and we must never stop thinking of the prisoners of war and those missing in action.

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We certainly do not need to mock Caitlyn or take away from her journey of courage to support and honor Noah. There wasn't a contest of Caitlyn vs Noah. Both of them deserve it for different reasons. But it's just an Award show and we don't need an award show to honor those who deserve honors. We can honor in real life, where and when it counts and matters. We can instead take all the inspiration that Noah gives us, and put it to good use, helping other veterans who could really use our support and to remember the courage that they possess as well.

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