Cruel Breast Cancer Awareness Hoax Tricks Women Into Lifting Their Shirts

breast cancer awareness ribbonThe "Hold a Coke With Your Boobs" Challenge had many lifting their shirts thinking they were raising awareness and money for breast cancer research, but it was really just a distasteful spoof of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which we all know raised a lot of money money and awareness for ALS. This fake boob-displaying "fundraising" campaign all started by adult model Gemma Jaxx and porn talent scout Danny Frost asking men and women to -- you guessed it -- #holdacokewithyourboobs.


Except it all started as a hoax. The goal at first wasn't to raise money for breast cancer research, which is in no way a laughing matter. The intent was just to spoof the Ice Bucket Challenge, a practical joke of sorts ... of the worst kind. I'm not a fan of practical jokes, particularly when they are hurtful.

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In an interview with the Daily News, Sadia Choudhury, spokeswoman for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, said:

Breast cancer is a serious global health issue that impacts millions of women and men around the world and we believe that breast cancer should not be trivialized.

It's something millions of people suffer from every day, and to trivialize it in such a blatant way is terrible.

She's right. Apparently Frost and Jaxx have seen the error of their ways due to the popularity of the "challenge" and -- my guess -- the backlash. They claim that somehow people started believing the challenge was for charity and they never thought it would "take off like it did." The intent was never to be disrespectful, they said, but now are encouraging people to donate to a charity and are reminding women to get breast exams.

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So what started as another dimwitted way to sexualize and exploit women is now attempting to raise money for a good cause. Let's hope something positive happens here. And ... oh ... here's a thought ... let's have a "Hold a Banana With Your Penis" campaign while we're at it. I'll bet you 10 bananas it won't catch on.

What do you think of the initial spoof and now attempt to raise money?

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