Mom & 6-Year-Old Son Lost in Texas Flood Found Dead, But Little Girl Is Still Missing

texas flood blanco riverSan news for a family already hard hit by the floods in Texas. Days after his six-year-old son Andrew's death was confirmed, Jonathan McComb's missing wife, Laura Schultz McComb, has also been confirmed dead. The search continues for the body of their four-year-old daughter, Leighton.


The McCombs were staying in a vacation cabin in Wemberley, in Central Texas, when Memorial Day weekend storms caused the Blanco River to flood. The entire cabin was swallowed by the waters, with the family still inside of it. So far it appears only Jonathan survived.

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Another family the McCombs share the cabin with have also suffered losses. The bodies of 71-year-old Sue McNeil Carey, her 73-year-old husband Ralph, and their 43-year-old daughter Michelle Charba have been found. Michelle's 6-year-old son, Will, is still missing.

The death toll from the catastrophic flood across central Texas and Oklahoma now stands at 31, with four people still missing.

Meanwhile, Jonathan McComb has closure on two of his missing family members, but no solace. We can only imagine how bereft he feels after this sudden and violent loss. The McCombs were supposed to be enjoying time together in a beautiful setting. No family expects this to happen to them on a weekend getaway.

Do you think there's a chance that any of the missing will be found alive?


Image via Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images News

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