Woman Donates Her Dead Brother's Face to Another Man: Watch the Touching Video

It had been three years since Rebekah Aversano had seen her brother's face. Josh, 21, was killed in 2012 after being hit by a car, and his family believed that they'd never see the face they loved again. But thanks to advanced medical technology, 39-year-old Richard Norris received Josh's face in a revolutionary transplant.


60 Minutes Australia caught the moment when Rebekah finally got to meet the man who bears her brother's visage. They met in Norris' Virginia home, and she was overwhelmed by the result of the transplant surgery. As she stroked his face, she said, "Wow ... this is the face I grew up with."

Here's a promo clip for the show, which will air on Sunday night:

Rebekah donated her dead brother's face, so another man could live. 8.30 Sunday on #60Mins - she meets the recipient.

Posted by 60 Minutes Australia on Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Norris was 22 when he was disfigured after accidentally shooting himself int the face with a shotgun. He lost his teeth, nose, and part of his tongue, and spent a decade and a half hiding from the public.

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The surgery to transplant Josh's face to Norris took 36 hours, and he only had a 50 percent chance of survival. Josh's mother Gwen told the Today show in 2013 that the decision to donate her son's face was difficult, but ultimately the family decided that it was something Josh would've wanted them to do. She said, "If I ever saw someone walking around that had Joshua’s face, I would walk up and give them a big hug."

Would you donate a loved one's face to another person in need?


Image via 60 Minutes Australia/Facebook

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