Man Heartbroken After Wife & 2 Kids Vanish in Texas Flood

Though the post-apocalyptic rain has stopped in Texas and Oklahoma for now, the nightmarish scenarios haven't -- one man is still trying to find his wife and two children after their entire house was picked up and washed down the river in the rain.


Parts of the southwest were dumped with more than 11 inches of rain on Tuesday night alone, and that much water at once was enough to set the rivers flowing with record-breaking speed and force.

At least 31 people have died in the storm and 13 more are still missing -- including Laura McComb and her two children, Leighton and Andrew.

According to CNN, the McCombs were at their cabin in Wimberly, Texas when the rains started. Something (probably a felled tree) dislodged the house from its pilings, and the rains pushed it into the river's current. 

The cabin floated like that (with the McCombs inside it) until a bridge ripped the roof off the house and scattered the family members. The dad, Jonathan, was found and checked into a hospital, but Laura and their two kids are still missing.

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As if that's not enough of a nightmare, Laura called her sister Julie while the cabin was on the river to say goodbye. Can you imagine getting a call like that? Or waking up in a hospital while your family is still missing? Or being carried in your house by a storm?

But even with all of this, the family hasn't given up hope yet -- soldiers from the Texas National Guard are still searching along the Blanco River for the McCombs and other missing victims.

It's estimated that as many as 400 homes in the area have been completely swept away by the flooding and tornadoes, and the damage stretches all the way from Oklahoma to Houston and Austin and into parts of Mexico.

It's terrifying, and probably not over yet: The state is warning that there could be more rain coming this week. Even just a couple inches would be disastrous because the ground is already so saturated with water.

Hopefully, though, the weather will ease up for a while and give the area some time to recover. And hopefully, hopefully all the missing people will be found.

What's the worst flooding you've ever experienced?

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