Kelly Rutherford's Ex Won't Let Her See Her Kids Unless She Meets 1 Demand

kelly rutherfordGossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is doing all she can to gain custody of her two children -- Hermes, 8, and Helena, 5 -- from her ex Daniel Giersch. The kids are in Monaco after their father was given custody, leaving Rutherford without them in the US. The judge on the case cited that Kelly was more able to travel to see them so let them live with their dad. So much is wrong with this situation and stars have rallied to help Kelly get the White House's attention so the case can be re-evaluated. In the meantime, Kelly visits every chance she can but when she showed up to see her kids, she was denied visitation


Giersch's lawyers are accusing Rutherford of putting the kids at risk and they feared she would kidnap them. He won't let them see her until she hands over their passports. He's afraid she'll flee with them back to California.

It's hard to believe this case would get any worse, but it has. Being separated from your children for so long has got to be so very difficult. And Kelly was probably looking forward to being able to hug and kiss and catch up with her two sweethearts during her visit. To be denied, to be told that people believe you would be putting your children in danger, has got to be the absolute worst for any parent. Completely devastating.

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Something needs to happen. This should not be happening. Why is it so awful between these exes?

Giersch's lawyer, Fahi Takesh Hallin, said:

We are concerned that the children are in imminent danger and need to be protected, and as a result the school and the police have extra security measures, which they have anyway at this time because of the Grand Prix in Monaco and the Cannes Film Festival.

Daniel is requesting per the terms of the California judgment that a neutral party hold the children's passports while mother (Rutherford) has custody of the children abroad.

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All these terms and conditions to see your own children?! This is not what motherhood should be like for Rutherford. She's done nothing wrong. To think that someone you once loved -- the person you had two children with, the man you married -- is causing so much strife and not allowing you to see your own children that you carried in your womb and gave birth to -- that is a painful thing to imagine. I cannot imagine the pain Kelly is feeling right now. She must feel so powerless. As parents, we already feel a sense of powerlessness when our children start gaining independence, but to have our kids blocked from seeing us by courts and lawyers and stipulations -- that is completely heartbreaking.

All we can do is hope for some kind of peaceful resolution. This mother needs to see her children. Her children need their mother.

What do you think should happen in this case?


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