Major Airbag Recall: 8 Things Moms Need to Know

car airbagAfter more than six months after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration called for the recalls of Takata airbags, the company has expanded its recalls to include a total of 33.8 million vehicles, made by 11 different automakers. The dangerous airbags, which open violently, could cause injury, or even kill, drivers and passengers. And it's time to check if your car could be affected.


Takata, which is a major car parts supplies, manufactures airbags that have made their way into millions of cars. And now, millions of cars are touched by the news. So as you're considering your summer car travel plans, or just want to check your car's safety, consider these important facts about the recall:

  1. The affected airbags were installed in cars that have model years between 2002 and 2008.
  2. The airbags have been found to contain a propellant that, when put in high-humidity environments, could combust more violently.
  3. To find out whether your car is affected by the recall, you'll have to use the NHTSAs VIN-lookup tool. You'll need your VIN, which you can find on the lower driver-side portion of your windshield. If your car is included in the recall, the VIN-lookup tool will give you information.
  4. If the tool notes that the passenger-side airbag is recalled, do not drive passengers in that seat.

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  5. The replacement parts for your car may take weeks or months to arrive. In the additional 10 million recalled vehicles, sources are reporting that it may take up to two years to produce all necessary replacement parts.
  6. Takata is prioritizing replacement parts for cars in high-humidity areas. These include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Hawaii, and the Gulf Coast states.
  7. Depending on your make and model, drivers in Northern and lower-humidity areas may have to wait longer for their replacement parts.
  8. If you have any additional questions, contact your vehicle manufacturer for more details. All contact information can be found here.

Is your car affected by the recall?



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