Woman Says Boyfriend Kept Her Prisoner in a Wooden Box for 4 Months (VIDEO)

A man who had a history of holding his ex-girlfriends hostage was allegedly at it again recently, when his latest girlfriend escaped from his house and hysterically told neighbors that James Barton Horn, Jr. had been holding her captive in a wooden box for four months.


The Missouri woman called 911 from a neighbor's phone after she said she was finally able to escape 47-year-old Horn's home, after he had kept her in a box for most of the last four months. Horn and the woman had dated until things turned sour and she tried to leave him. That is when police say he locked her inside of an eight feet tall, four foot long and deep wooden box, which investigators found.

Horn apparently gave her food and water and let her out for brief periods, but she spent most of her time in the box, she said. She also claimed he repeatedly raped her.

Believe it or not, Horn had a history of this type of behavior, and had already spent years in prison for torturing and holding various girlfriends hostage. Prosecutors had even warned he would likely commit another sex crime before he was released from prison the last time.

Residents said that Horn usually kept to himself and kept the shades drawn -- but one neighbor said she saw the woman in question sitting in a chair while Horn worked outside.

Of course, as we know from the case of the three women held hostage inside of Ariel Castro's home in Cleveland, Ohio for a decade, victims do not necessarily need to be restrained physically every moment for them to feel too scared and intimidated to try and make an escape. It sounds like the woman did it as soon as she felt safe enough to do so.

Who knows how long this could have gone on if she hadn't been able to get away -- four months in a box is an incredibly long time, but thank goodness it wasn't four years.

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Horn is now on the run and cops are looking for him. Let's hope he's found soon.

If Horn is convicted of this crime, let's also hope this is the last time he is free to torture any woman who tries to break up with him.


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