Mom Forgives Man Who Accidentally Killed Her Pregnant Daughter (VIDEO)

Could you forgive the man who killed your daughter and unborn grandchild? That's the situation that Sandra Hart found herself in when she was faced with the 88-year-old man whose driving caused the death of her daughter, Melinda, who was not only a mom of three, but was pregnant.


When Sandra Hart of faced the court to read a victim impact statement, she instead turned to Robert Carroll, who had taken a left turn on a red light because he thought it was green, and smashed into Melinda. She and her unborn baby died. Her other three children were injured, but recovered. Hart told Carroll:

Mr. Carroll, I just want you to know my family and I know this was an accident. We feel for your loss also. We keep you in our prayers.

Carroll of Bristol, Connecticut indeed had a loss as well -- his wife of 67 years and mother of his six children, who was a passenger in his car and also died.

But Carroll, who is hard to hearing, didn't hear what Hart said, so his lawyer asked him to step closer. This time, Hart wrapped him in her arms, and repeated her message of forgiveness. Carroll apologized.

It helps that this was truly an accident, and no alcohol or drugs were involved, still, it must take an amazing amount of fortitude to forgive someone who kills your child and unborn grandchild and leaves three young children without a mother. I wouldn't blame Hart if she'd resented Carroll for not paying more attention -- but I guess she knew that resentment would not bring back her loved ones.

Carroll is being punished too -- his driving killed his own wife. I can't imagine what he is going through either.

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Honestly, it's the kind of thing that could happen to any one of us. Who hasn't been a little distracted while driving and thought you saw one thing when it was really another? All it takes a moment, and lives can be snuffed out.

Despite being charged with manslaughter, Carroll was only fined $75 and his license was revoked. No doubt he will be in his own prison for the rest of his life. At least the Hart family's forgiveness should help him find peace.

Could you forgive?

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