18-Month-Old Killed In Freak Train Accident in Front of Parents

It's every parent's nightmare that something freakishly random and totally unexpected will take your child's life, and that's unfortunately what happened in the case of a couple who were standing on a train platform with their 18-month-old daughter. Despite being near their daughter, and having her stroller locked, tragedy happened.


The wind from a passing high speed train reportedly sucked the little girl, Lilly, and her stroller right into its path, killing her. According to the girl's dad, her mom had locked the stroller and turned her back for a moment to buy a ticket. It was then that a passing train's draft sucked the tot's stroller down the platform and into its deadly path.

The British family lived in Austria, where the accident happened.

Father Mark McElligot told the Liverpool Echo:

It was a tragic accident, and no one was to blame. She put the brakes on, but in those few seconds a heavy goods train came past and sucked the buggy and Lilly into the side of the train where she hit one of the wagons.

We can do everything for our kids, but one thing we can't always do is control something this random and unexpected. Sure, you could say that maybe parents should have their hands on a baby's stroller at all times, but is that realistic? No, it's not. Parents have to take their hands off strollers for a variety of reasons, dozens of times a day.

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This is just one of those scary, tragic accidents that, unfortunately, life does throw at some people. At least it sounds like the dad realizes no one is to blame.

It's these types of things that really make you question the meaning of life sometimes -- hopefully this couple will be able to heal in the years to come but it's going to be a huge uphill battle. 

Hold your loved ones tight because you never know what can happen.


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