Baltimore Rioters Are Just Kids

The riots in Baltimore, Maryland in the wake of the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody have shaken this venerable city. And the riots are drawing attention for more than just their destruction -- children and teens are at the core of the unrest. This was demonstrated perfectly when one mom was caught on camera slapping her ski-masked teen in the head and forcing him home after she caught him out in the midst of the violence. Schools and transit were closed, leaving children in the streets. Police have issued a statement asking parents to bring their rioting juveniles home (just like that mom did!).


Here are some of the general Twitter sentiments about kids and teens being in the middle of this violent unrest.

Parents are being asked by police to bring their rioting juveniles home:

A mom who was caught on camera dragging her wayward rioting kid home has been hailed by the media and public as "mom of the year":

Others think the real "moms of the year" were the ones whose kids weren't out there to begin with:

Many are blaming the riots on children:

Even representatives are saying the kids are not all right:

Some compare it to The Twilight Zone:

Is it teens or kids? Does it matter?

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Others think this is all the parents' fault (of course!):

And especially a lack of spanking!

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Others point out that while some kids are rioting, others are caught in the crossfire:

But a few would like to remind us that while some children and teens are out destroying, others are out helping:


Why do you think children and teens are behind the rioting?


Images via Drew Angerer/Getty Images News and Twitter

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