Hikers Caught in Terrifying Mount Everest Avalanche Catch It All on Film (VIDEO)

One place you did not want to be this weekend was Nepal and Mount Everest, where a devastating 7.8 earthquake killed thousands and set off a deadly avalanche on the famous mountain. A group of hikers who happened to be at a base camp on the day the snow came tumbling down caught it all on video.


German Jost Kobusch and other climbers were at a base camp near Nepal when the ground terrifyingly began to rumble and shake. Catch the climbers reactions as they start to feel the earth move -- at first, they find it amusing. Then panic ensues in as they realize what's happening as a wall of snow rushes at them.

The climbers' are naturally horrified and their language is not pretty, so turn down the sound unless you're in a place where F-bombs are copacetic:

Kobusch and his pals seem to have gotten lucky -- the wall of snow didn't completely bury them and they were able to crawl out from their tents alive. Too many others were not so lucky.

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Dozens of people remain missing on Mount Everest. Sophia Bush recently paid tribute to former boyfriend Dan Fredinburg, who died.


Image via Jost Kobusch/YouTube

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