Sisters Stranded for 2 Weeks in the Snow Survived on Girl Scout Cookies

Two sisters from Michigan who were stranded for two weeks in the snow survived their horrific ordeal—by eating Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs. Lee Wright, 56, and Leslie Roy, 52, were found Friday by a police helicopter, two weeks after their Ford Explorer got stuck in the snow.


On April 11, the women, who were visiting family in Michigan, had made plans to stay in a hotel in Mackinaw City. When they failed to show up, their family members grew concerned and reported them missing.

Unbeknownst to them, Wright and Roy became stranded in their vehicle and, unable to get a cell phone signal, made the wise decision to stay put until someone found them. But help didn't come right away—it took a whole two weeks until they were discovered and, during that time, the sisters had no choice but to make do with what little they had to survive.

Fortunately, they had packed Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs to snack on (I'm starving just reading that, but I guess it's better than nothing) and they ate snow to keep from becoming dehydrated.

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They rationed food and gas to keep warm and miraculously managed to stay alive on eight boxes of cookies and one bag of cheese puffs.

A rescue team reportedly searched the woods for days before finally discovering their SUV after a 25-minute walk. Both women were weak and were airlifted to the hospital, where they received treatment. Thankfully, both are okay now.

The most amazing aspect of this story is that the siblings kept their heads and didn't wander off to try and find help, which could have resulted in tragedy. I'm sure they panicked (how could you not?!) but didn't allow that to dictate their actions.

How do you think you would react if you were stranded in the wilderness?


Image via Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

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