Nepal Earthquake: How to Help Families & Children Most In Need

nepal earthquakeThe devastating 7.8 earthquake in Nepal has impacted the entire Kathmandu Valley region -- it is the worst earthquake in 80 years. There are six million people living within 60 miles of the epicenter and the aftershocks continue. Buildings have been leveled and many are unsafe. The death toll is over 2,000 and it is rising. We have to band together and do something. It is cold in Nepal. Rain is in the forecast. There are families, children, injured and struggling to survive. Here are 10 ways you can help the victims of the Nepal earthquake.


1. Give to CARE. With this strong earthquake, buildings and homes have been destroyed and unsafe. The aftershocks continue, which has forced people out in the cold to sleep in the streets. CARE is working to help those people stay warm and survive.

2. Send money to Save the Children Nepal Earthquake Children's Relief Fund. Children are very vulnerable, and this charity helps children and families during this difficult time.

3. Donate to Oxfam America. This non-profit has its workers in Nepal supplying food and water to those in need and helping many to safety. A donation will help supply food and water quickly since the water is cut off due to the devastation.

4. Donate to Concern Worldwide. Concern Worldwide is set up so you know what you are donating. For example, their website says that a $32.00 donation "could supply an emergency kit and plastic sheeting to one family whose home has been destroyed."

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5. Contribute to the British Red Cross. The British Red Cross is currently conducting search and rescue in all the affected areas to save those trapped and injured. Note: You can also donate direct to Nepal Red Cross Society but their internet has been sporadic due to the devastation.

6. Donate to the International Medical Corps. This relief fund states that for every dollar donated, $30 of medical supplies can get to those in need.

7. Give to AmeriCares. Medical supplies are needed and AmeriCares has first responders to get necessary medical aid to survivors.

8. Send funds to World Food Programme. A donation to this non-profit will get much needed food to keep survivors strong during the recovery period.

9. Contribute to Samaritian's Purse. This charity is sending a medical team to assist those injured, along with hygiene kits, water, and supplies for shelter.

10. Donate to Habitat for Humanity. As search and rescue efforts continue, and relief comes in, we also have to think of the future and rebuilding, and helping those who lost their homes have a place to live. Habitat for Humanity is there to rebuild.

How will you help victims of the Nepal earthquake?

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