Amanda Berry Reveals What It Took to Keep Her Daughter Alive in Ariel Castro's Prison (VIDEO)

Amanda BerryKidnapping victims Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus lived for 10 years in a house of horrors with their rapist and torturer Ariel Castro, and now the resilient and inspiring pair have a book out about their traumatic experience. The book, Hope, reveals more shocking information about what happened in that house in Cleveland, as does a promo for their upcoming ABC News special.


Amanda Berry, who gave birth to Ariel Castro's child while in captivity, astonishingly reveals that she grew to care for her captor when she saw him being nice to her daughter, Jocelyn. Berry said in the book:

I know it's wrong but I feel closer to him. I appreciate that he treats Jocelyn so well and buys her clothes and toys. I desperately want Jocelyn to have a normal life. On the days that he helps me do that, I actually feel some affection for him. I'm so confused. How can he be good one minute and so cruel the next?

It's not surprising that Berry would feel some affection for Castro when he was being nice to their daughter -- she was probably not feeling "affection" such as its known when it is freely given, but gratitude. Gratitude that he was feeding and clothing and being kind to the child -- rather than what he was doing to the child's mother and two other victims.

No doubt Berry had to develop some degree of affection for her captor in order to allow her to survive for so long under such circumstances -- and if she could get him to develop feelings for her and her child, then they had a better chance of not being killed.

In fact, Berry wrote how she would put Castro's hand on her belly when Jocelyn was kicking, hoping that if he was excited about being a father, he wouldn't beat the baby into a miscarriage, as he had done multiple times with fellow captive Michelle Knight.

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Berry's instincts were correct, because he did allow the trio and Jocelyn to survive, which is all anyone could have asked for in that nightmarish scenario. I can only imagine what she, the other victims, and Jocelyn will go through for the rest of their lives thanks to that psychopath.

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