Pregnant Mom of 3 Fired for Not Paying Back Money Stolen During Robbery (VIDEO)

A pregnant mother of three has been fired for refusing to return $400 to the store that she worked in. Did she steal the money? Not quite. Someone else did -- but the franchise, Popeyes, is holding her liable for the missing cash -- even though, ya know, she had a gun in her face when the thief told her to hand it over.


Marissa Holcomb of Channelview, Texas, did the right thing when she handed over $400 during an armed robbery at the Popeyes she was working -- $400 is not worth losing your life over. But apparently it is worth firing a pregnant employee for -- at least according to this Popeyes.

But the fast food outlet reportedly claims it didn't fire her for getting robbed and refusing to return the money -- it fired her for having too much cash in the register. But Holcomb says that couldn't be helped, the joint was busy and that is what was made in one hour.

Wow, you would think the "restaurant" would have some compassion here -- whether or not Holcomb violated terms by having too much cash in the register, the woman just faced down the barrel of a gun for your business. Whatever happened to employee loyalty? Does this exist?! Workers basically put their lives on the line for these places, all for minimum wage and usually no health insurance. Now they're expected to pay back money that is stolen from them at the end of a gun?!

Not only that, Holbomb was pregnant and has three other kids! Now she says she is struggling to find a job because no one will hire a pregnant woman.

Some employer needs to hire this woman!

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I know this is small consolation for Holcomb, but she deserves better than working at a fast food joint. Hopefully she will do what she needs to do to become higher skilled and get a better job -- with better bosses!

Do you think she should have been fired?

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