Crying Babies Are Nothing Compared to 1 Family's Disgusting In-Flight Experience (VIDEO)

There's a lot of very unpleasant things that can happen on planes. You could end up in front of a screaming baby or next to a loud snorer. You could get that chatty seatmate who thinks you want to know all about his sciatica. 


You could end up delayed for 12 hours and the bathrooms overflow and they still refuse to let you off the tarmac. The list is endless, really. But one family may have won the Worst Airline Experience Award when they say they were forced to sit in vomit -- someone else's vomit.

Scott Shirley, who was returning home to Maryland on a United Airlines flight with his family, says that after they put their carry-on bags underneath their seats, they smelled something unusual (i.e. grotesque) and realized their bags were wet.

The realization then slowly but horrifyingly began to dawn that the wetness and the smell were due to ... vomit!

Shirley says the airline did admit that someone on an earlier flight had thrown up -- but says they cleaned the area. The Shirleys, now half-hysterical and swooning from the smell of vomit on their bags, begged to differ. Shirley told The Daily Mail:

It was clear that no one had cleaned the area where we were sitting, because there was no evidence of any chemical smell what so ever. This was purely that distinct smell of vomit on our hands and backpacks.

The family was offered another flight, but it left the next day, and Shirley says his needed to get back to work. I guess she doesn't get sick days for someone else being sick.

Well, this is pretty much the worst thing that can happen on a plane, apart from crashing or sitting in someone's diarrhea. No wonder airlines are one of people's least appreciated industries.

Shirley says the airline didn't even offer to scrub the vomit out -- staff merely covered the stinking liquid with a blanket. Shirley says he was surprised by that since "who knows what the vomit contained." Let's hope last night's dinner and not Ebola.

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Hey, people, with any luck, planes actually fly you from one state to another. A century or so ago, you would have been stuck with a horse and buggy! What's a little vomit?

What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you on a plane?

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