[UPDATED] Mother & Daughter Disappear After Going to New York City to See Some Shows

A mother and her teenage daughter have gone missing after going into New York City to enjoy some theater. The pair never came back to their Long Island neighborhood after they reportedly went into Manhattan, parked the car in a garage in the theater district, and went to enjoy some Broadway shows.


Surveillance video from the garage shows Iona Costello, 51, and her 14-year-old daughter Emily, walking out of the garage with suitcases, but that could be just because they came into the city to stay for a few nights.

Friends say the pair, who are from nearby Long Island, would often come into Manhattan to enjoy the entertainment. The pair were reportedly seen "giggling and laughing" when they exited the car and there was no sign of trouble.

Relatives say that Costello, who owns a horse farm, wouldn't have not been in touch with her workers about the animals and that she definitely wouldn't have made Emily miss school. The pair have been gone for three weeks.

Costello is a widow whose husband died a couple of years ago. Relatives say they have repeatedly called the pair's cell phones, but they both go straight to voice mail.

Police say they do not yet suspect foul play, but it certainly seems odd for a mom and her daughter to just disappear into thin air. Since they were last seen around 42nd street, one of the busiest parts of Manhattan, it seems someone should have caught sight of them -- not to mention they must have been picked up by dozens of surveillance cameras.

Yet Costello's own mother, Diana Malcolmson, reportedly told the New York Post that possibly "stress" had made them take off. She just wants to be contacted to know they're okay.

Wow, this has got to be tough for the family. Did something horrible happen or is this mom just eschewing her duties for awhile because she needed some time to herself?

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This reminds me of the time that the dad wandered off from a football game and no one knew where he was for five days. It turned out he had gone missing on his own accord, leaving his adult son in the stands, and was found 112 miles away. He had reportedly had some kind of emotional breakdown.

Let's hope this mom and daughter have as good of an ending and reappear soon.

Update: NYPD reportedly found the mother and daughter alive and well. Apparently they just wanted to get away from the "aggravation" of an estate battle.

Image via Iona Costello/Facebook

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