Teacher Who Put Student in 'Headlock' Was Just Trying to Do the Right Thing (VIDEO)

Teachers have it tough these days. Remember the days when kids lived in fear of their teachers and sat there stiffly hoping not to get walloped with a ruler? Well, the tables have turned and now it's more likely that a teacher will end up being the one getting walloped -- either by a kid or a parent or both! Oh, and it will ALL be on video. In this case, a teacher took matters into his own hands and appears to put a high school kid into a headlock.


The teacher, who works at a high school in Memphis, Tennessee, was videotaped trying to break up a fight between two students -- oh, don't you just love how this is part of their job?!

After several tries of breaking them up, the teacher appears to get one of the kids in a headlock and drags him to the ground. Watch for yourself:

Mom is not happy, of course! After viewing the cell phone footage (because of course there is cell phone footage!), Shunkita Qualls says:

It was heartbreaking. It brought tears to my eyes. No mother wants to send their child to school and have to see something like that.

Well, indeed no one does. But I bet that teacher didn't wake up wanting to break up a fight between two kids nearly as big as him either. Does the mom have any words for her child's bad behavior? No, of course not.

The school has reviewed the footage and it believes that the teacher was in the right, trying to prevent one kid from retailiating against the other.

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I'm not saying the mom doesn't have a right to be upset, I certainly would if I saw my kid being tackled by a teacher. But it's not like this kid was just sitting there dutifully trying to learn geometry. This kid was locked in combat with another kid and could have injured others in the room. The teacher was apparently required to stop it -- which is incredible to me, I would think the teacher would have the option of just leaving the room. This isn't the Army!

Sure, this teacher probably could have handled this better -- but when you're in the middle of a melee and you're trained to teach school subjects not martial arts, sometimes things don't go as planned.

Do you think the teacher should be fired?


Image via Phelyan Sanjoin/Flickr

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