Veteran Calls Suicide Hotline & Gets Placed on Hold 3 Times (VIDEO)

A U.S. Air Force veteran who was so depressed he was contemplating committing suicide says he was put on hold by a VA hotline -- three times! Ted Koran says he was desperately missing his deceased wife and wanting to end it all when he called the suicide hotline set up for vets, desperate for someone to talk to -- but all he got was a very long wait.


Koran says he hung up and called back twice, but again was put on hold. Ugh, every second counts when you've got someone thinking of ending it -- but I can't imagine what this vet felt as he was put on hold and kept on hold, probably like he didn't matter at all. Koran told ABC Action News:

I had to sit there patiently, in emotional distress, in tears, wanting to give up, desperately needing someone to talk to. They had me on the [verge] of saying to hell with it.

Even worse, Koran says when he finally did get a counselor on the phone, that person did very little to comfort him.

This is so wrong. It's frustrating enough when you're on hold with your bank or other customer service line, but someone who is suicidal should never be placed on hold!

Of course, this is not the fault of the hotline, really. They are just completely overwhelmed with calls and short of staff. The VA says it hopes for more money from Congress soon so it can staff up its hotline.

Please, call your Congressman and express your support for this!

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Koran says that what made him decide not to end it all was that he and his wife have 60 rescue animals and he didn't want to leave them behind. Aww, he sounds like such a good guy. He deserves to know we care! All vets do. They were there for the country when their services are needed, and now they need some service. It's only fair.

Let's hope this problem gets resolved soon. And let's hope Koran realizes that his story has touched many and that we want him to stay here and so do his animals.

Image via ABC Action News

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