Let's Make Sure the Guy Who Wore This Incredibly Offensive T-Shirt to Coachella Never Gets a Date Again (PHOTO)

Coachella is known for it's quirky and out-there fashion sense, but this guy seemed to think the music festival seemed to call for something more, oh, shall we say, horrible and offensive. Someone snapped a picture of this dude wearing what is possibly the worst T-shirt in all of history, and posted it to Twitter. Not only does the guy wear this shirt in public -- he actually seems proud of it!


Check out how he's grinning and giving the peace sign, while wearing this!

OMG. I am desperately trying to think of any reason why anyone would wear this. Sorry if this offends, but maybe he doesn't speak English? Does he understand what his shirt SAYS? Could he be blind and someone put that on him as a bad joke? I just don't know. It's so hard for me to accept that someone would wear this on purpose and parade it around in public and then happily pose for a photo in it. I am reaching for anything that may give some other kind of explanation.

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Maybe the guy will come forward and explain it since the pic is now going viral. And unfortunately the guy who posted it, Jemayel Khawaja, a managing editor at Thump/Vice, is getting flak because people think it's him in the photo! Man, people can be so dumb sometimes, he clearly states it is someone else and condemns the shirt.

As for the guy wearing it, I'm just aghast. And people think there is no rape culture?!

I wonder if this guy has a girlfriend, mom or sisters. If so, what must they think? I guess the "silver lining" is that women will know enough to stay far, far away from this dude.

What would you do if you saw a guy wearing this?

Image via @JemaylK/Twitter

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