Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Prescription for Woman Who Suffered a Miscarriage Citing Religious Beliefs

Brittany Cartrett was devastated enough when she miscarried her baby at about six weeks. But what happened afterwards devastated her even more -- a pharmacist reportedly refused to fill her prescription for Misoprostol, which would have allowed her to avoid an invasive D&C. The reason? The pharmacy has the right to turn down filling any prescription for "personal reasons."


The prescription that Cartrett needed, Misoprostol, induces abortions. But Cartrett didn't need an abortion, she just needed to help expel any of the fetus still left after her miscarriage. Perhaps this isn't something the pharmacy, at Walmart, was aware of, even though the doctor called in the prescription, but is it really any of their business? Since when did pharmacists get to make personal health decisions for their clientele?

Reportedly since about 15 years ago, when Georgia, where Cartrett lives, passed a law saying that pharmacists could refuse to fill prescriptions based on their personal beliefs.

No matter how you feel about abortion, you've got to admit that being a mom who has just had such a horrible experience and then being humiliated by her pharmacist is inexcusable. Why couldn't the doctor and the pharmacist confer about the matter? Or maybe the pharmacy just didn't want her expelling the already deceased fetus? Who knows!

Walmart's corporate office confirmed that the corporation has a right to deny a prescription to anyone and that it encourages its pharmacists to "exercise their professional judgement."

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Cartrett says the pharmacist at the Walmart she went to said she couldn't see any "valid reason" why she would need that prescription. What?! Obviously, there was a very valid reason.

Thank goodness Cartrett was able to find another pharmacy to fill the prescription, but how long before she, and other women, can't?

Do you think this was right?

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