Mary Kay Letourneau's Former Student Vili Fualaau Says He Wasn't a Victim (VIDEO)

You remember Mary Kay Letourneau, the teacher who had an affair with her young student, spent seven years in prison over it, and then eventually married him and had kids with him? Yeah, well, she's baaaaack. Letourneau and her former student now husband Vili Fualaau appeared on a Barbara Walters special and had some interesting things to say. Like how do they feel about young people dating much older people? The answer might surprise you!


The pair met when Letourneau was a married 34-year-old teacher, and Fualaau was her 12-year-old student. Shudder. They are now a 53-year-old and 31-year-old couple with two teen daughters.

The couple have been married for 10 years, together for 20, and yet still people find them kind of gross so I'm not sure why they appeared on television, you'd think they'd just want the world to forget about them. But anyway, listen to this golden nugget from Fualaau:

I don't support younger kids being married or having a relationship with someone older. I don't support it.

He told Walters that he would warn his daughters away from having a relationship with an older man -- especially if he was a teacher.

Well, this might sound hypocritical, but Fualaau is in a better position than most to know the exact repercussions of having a relationship with a much older person. If you ask me, Fualaau seems rather resigned to his situation, and not that excited about it. I mean, he lost his childhood, and was raising kids when most kids were perfecting their softball throw or thinking about the prom.

But for those of you wondering if Fualaau has ever only been with one woman, that would be a resounding no. Apparently he had plenty of wild oats sewing while Letourneau was in prison. She knows about it, saying, "He did his thing while I was away."

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Fualaau makes it clear he doesn't see himself as a victim, saying that that the media said, "We're going to label this kid a victim and make her an example for all the teachers who try to go down the same path."

Well, now they're both adults, married, and have kids. America may never accept their relationship, but for the sake of the kids, I hope we're at least polite about it.

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